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Building your dream home is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful and more fun. With the best and most effective team for rapidly building your dream home from ideas to life.

*But it's 100% effective (pinky promise). 4.8 stars out of 3,245 reviews

Dear dreamer,

We get it.

The idea of knowing where to start in terms of building your dream home is hard. Really hard.

You’re probably worried about the unpredictable costs that come with it.

Stressed and not knowing which Interior Design firm to pick,

Stressed about how you would be able to translate your Ideal Dream Home into an actual floorplan, design, and worse. Having to construct the actual thing! Down to furnitures, decor…

As your hair goes fifty-shades-of-grey from all the uncertainty and stress

And to top it all off.

Your dream of having an amazing home seems to be slipping away as we speak.


Should I hire contractors ? Do it myself?? Hire some foreign workers to put my sketches to life?

Annoy my property agent about finding me a reputable design firm?

Yep! That’s it!

That’s just what I need to get an ID Firm that I can trust!

*somebody please pull out my eyelashes*

Look, most dreamers like you have a bad case of not knowing where to start, mixed with a scoop of Confusion… and a sprinkle of “I am scared to contact ID Firms”.

And they end up building a home that is no where close to their dreams.. TRAGIC.

Soon, they’re tearing out their hair with all the things they “wish” they would have done.

We call this shit show, a “should I renovate my house in 5 years time when I have the money again?”.

Also known as hell.

It’s hot and muggy there.

And we’d rather hot belacan in our eyes than have your dream home be treated that way.

But this isn’t about us… It’s about you.

You’re reading this right now because, in some way shape or form, you are looking to build your dream home. Yours!

Even though you chose a great real estate, but now it’s just a blank slate waiting to be impressed on by your vision and your ideas!

Or maybe you already stay in your home…and you simply want more.

More Beauty.

More Comfort.

More Luxury.

More Aesthetics.

More pleasant with your family.

More clout and admiration for your home.

Whatever it is for you…

We’ve got good news for you…

‘Cause soon you’ll be feeling like “omg, I can’t wait!”.

You’ll be waking up every morning to your dream home, that feels like your paradise on earth.

You’ll be in comfort and a sense of awe and wonder will wash over you.

And it all starts by “choosing your own adventure” below…

*cue angels singing*

DDNK Dato Dr Nazri Khan (DDNK)

Tony Savarimuthu 

Former CEO of Dentsu Malaysia

Puan Aini

Founder of Nurraysa

Durian Kimchi


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