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How do you renovate for a perfect home?


After the pandemic, everyone’s life has changed 360 degrees. Lockdown is normal, and everyone spends more time indoors than outdoors. Because of this, the home that was renovated or furnished before the pandemic is no longer suitable.

When Planning goes wrong u wake up with head ache

Looking to the post-pandemic period and the future, it is foreseeable that lifestyles will change and certain groups of people will prefer to work at home if they can get their work done during the pandemic.

A current 3-bedroom flat is not enough for a family of 4, which means there is not enough space and everyone is suffocating in the house.

Working moms will love the functionality of the space, dads will want their man cave where they can focus without distractions, and the kids will want to be able to study freely online without using their phones all the time.


Remodelling your home is one of the most expensive investments you will make in your life. If you have not planned properly, you will fail with constant small renovations to achieve what you really wanted.

The plan needs to be future-proofed and focused on the person who controls the space and time. That is, who will be in the house most of the time. The number of people who will be in the house also plays a big role.

For example

If the mother, who works from home and still has to take care of the children, is studying online, the focus is on the mother and less on the children.

According to the study, women see the space as a whole, which means that the entire space of the house needs to be designed to help them focus and complete their daily tasks.

Opposite for the dads if they will be work from home , the need their man cave (own space) to function peacefully .

Working Home Mom Need Space

So if you happen to plan for renovation ensure you have all the data in hand and talk to Interior Designer on your need if the Interior designer cant assist you or unable to plan your space than you might consider to continue to find the right one .

Author : Ivan Hoo (CEO WHITE DOT )


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